ESG Initiative

Environment, Social, Governance

Aligning with ESG & SDG goals, support sustainability and conscious consumerism through Program Transformasi Usahawan.

Environment (E)

Taking into consideration the climate change challenges the world is facing today, at AD365group, we believe that caring for the environment is as important as caring for ourselves. We have implemented specific measures in our operations to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute positively to the environment.

Recycling Impact:
Collecting used clothes from corporate & university.


Innovative Products:
Transforming used clothes into eco-friendly floor mats.

Green Energy:
Providing electricity through solar panels.


Sustainable Solutions:
Distributing rechargeable portable batteries for renewable energy use.

Social (S)

We are committed to fostering social responsibility and equity. Through partnerships with local communities and initiatives, we strive to improve livelihoods and empower individuals. Our efforts extend to promoting diversity, ensuring fair labor practices, and supporting community development projects. By prioritizing social impact, we aim to create a sustainable and inclusive future for all.

Job Opportunities:
Creating new roles to empower communities.


Women Entrepreneurs:
Supporting their small businesses.

Supporting Students:
Providing floor mats to sell, aiding finances.

Promoting ESG:
Engaging students in ESG awareness initiatives.

Programs and Workshop

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